About Ali Zakeri

Ali Zakeri, an Iranian painter and artist was born in 1959 in Sukahriz of Zanjan. He began his academic education in Painting in Tehran,Fine Art School and received his B.A and M.A of Painting from Tehran Fine Art Faculty and Tarbiat Modares University respectively. He worked as university instructor in 1994 in both state and Azad universities and in 2009 he was honored to receive equivalent PhD and First Level badge from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance. He was a member of the board of the Iranian Painters' Association for two years and now he is a member of Iranian Visual Art development and also a regular member of Iranian Painters' Association.
Zakeri held his first exhibition as “The Military Notes” in 1981 in Tehran University, Fine Art Faculty. He has had 21 individual exhibitions so far and also more than 96 international group Art Fairs in Iran, China, Moscow, Turkey, Morocco, Canada and Switzerland. He was also the Selected one in the First Biennial of Iranian Painters, Iranian Nature Painters, Dream and Imagination Visualization Festival and also the Third Biennial of Islamic World Painters during 1991 to 2004.
Ali Zakeri has always dealt with the reality representation to abstraction in his painting evolving and has concerned with Human Subjects and Human has always been a common point in his works. He deals with Human concerns by the use of lines, colors and textures. In his series “Scattered Human”, “Acrobates” and “Limbo” that were created within two years, he adopted two-dimensional approach and an interaction of lines, surface and color emphasized on the personality and individuality of people and in his recent and new series “ the Eliminated or the Sons of God” is the results of non-stop efforts, that reaches to its peak. A spot that expresses Human battles and the role of power in Human relationships so clearly, it is nothing but the scene of a Human-Human struggle and the creation of images of darkness, suffering, and ultimately the loneliness of the human world.
He say about humanity like this : ”we were raised in the womb of a human and a human will be born from us, and for me it is the story of human being and human fate, which is the best story. Even the shape of human and human body is a story for me. And even in some periods that I was away from it and I went toward nature and abstract world, it was just because I missed it. Earth is like an empty the theater scene- the chairs and tables and spaces and other elements in – and human is the narrator of its story.